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I became interested in nutrition when I was trying to find answers to my son’s health problems. Through studying books and anything that I could get my hands on I soon realized that changing what we were eating would benefit everyone in the house. After being approached by numerous friends that saw firsthand the changes in my family I decided to enroll in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Kelli Freese Integrative Nutrition Health CoachIn the Summer of 2015, I found a lump on my Thyroid. After a battery of tests, pokes, and prods I made the decision to have surgery. The doctor was able to positively confirm that I did indeed have Papillary Thyroid Cancer. From there I decided to opt out of radiation and instead work with a Functional Medicine Doctor to treat my body as holistically as possible.

This journey has changed my whole practice in a positive way. Now I treat each client in an integrative way; by helping them assess their emotions, the food that they eat and the exercises that they choose to do we are able to make huge strides towards feeling more energetic, sleeping better and making amazing choices to continue feeling their best. .

I mainly work with women that have Auto-Immune disorders and women that are ready to change their lives for the better.

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“I’m so glad I hired Kelli! She taught me how to change my eating habits and thoughts about food. I was never on a diet and never felt deprived. Kelli changed my life!” – Healthy Mom of 6


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